Sunday, November 20, 2011


October 31, 2011

It's just after lunch on this sunny October afternoon. Al and I are anxious to get on the road. After a once over inspection and a little fuel a packed lunch we were ready to hit the road.

The highways were clear and dry and the traffic was light. Our first stop is Sudbury the land of the big nickle mines. The last time I was here was for my honeymoon....that in itself is another story.

We arrived around 5:00 p.m. Now to look for a Walmart parking lot to spend the night. Bingo, right on LaSalle Bvld. an easy in and an out...or so we thought.

Justin stopped by for visit lucky for us he was the only trick or treater we had. He couldn't stay but it was great to see him.

Rise and shine, time to head out. It was pretty cold last night and all of the windows were fogged up. Al stepped outside of the coach and holly _-_-_
there must have been a manditory employee meeting because parking lot was packed.

Now how are going to get out, gee, I wish I had taken a picture of this.

Having to back up with a car and dolly hooked on is a slow process and is usually good for 40 or 50 feet before you jack knife (and it did) Even with Al's super wide turn after manouvering through parked cars the garden fence of Walmart produced another challange along with all of the curb they had put in. Skimming by the fence and rubbing the curb we were finally able to leave without insident. Sault St.Marie Boarder Crossing Here We Come.

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